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5 reasons why investing in a year-end event is an investment in your business.

As we all endure a tough economic climate, we look for ways our businesses can cut costs. A lot of us would look first at doing away with the year-end event. This makes sense, because the party at the end of the year isn’t a major factor in our business’s financial health. Or is it?

Actually, a year-end event is an investment – in your business, its people and its culture. Yes, it’s not the quickest money-maker, but it provides your company with much more in the long run. Your staff is your biggest asset, it should be your first priority to invest in them.

What better way to invest in them than by saying thank you in a big way with an unforgettable year-end event? And it’s proven that “by harnessing the power of recognition organisations can create a catalyst for bottom line results.”

At Colourworks we’ve created many year-end events for a wide variety of clients. We’ve seen how they boost staff morale and reinforce company culture – all of which is good for business.

Our team possesses the expertise and creativity to turn what could be an ordinary party into a brand building and motivating event that sets out a clear vision in an engaging and extraordinary way.

Here are 5 reasons why a year-end event can play a pivotal role in the overall prosperity of your business.

  1. Thank you – two small words that make a big impact

Your staff is your biggest asset and a year-end event is a great opportunity to show your gratitude for their hard work. After all, actions speak louder than words. Knowing they are valued will empower your team, which means they’ll be working with meaningful energy and focus. Staff that feel appreciated and thanked for their efforts are more productive, more motivated and better brand ambassadors.

  1. Build a strong culture

A year-end event can help strengthen your company culture. This report, which comprises data from more than 30,000 employees across more than 500 organisations, shows that employees who receive recognition are much more likely to rate their workplace favourably – an important step to building a strong company culture and companies with strong cultures often outperform others. Take Google for example.

“Google’s leaders explicitly attribute the company’s financial performance to its benevolent people practices.”

  1. Get to know the person, not just the employee

“Peers and comraderie, not money, are the #1 reason employees go the extra mile”

Year-end events, when done right, strengthen ties between employees. Getting to know the person behind the employee creates understanding and empathy. In addition, use your year-end events to break down inter-departmental barriers. This will allow for greater collaboration and innovation.

  1. One goal, one vision, one purpose

A successful year-end event has your entire workforce present. It is the perfect time to announce future strategies and reinforce your company goals, vision and purpose.

Understanding and believing in a purpose mobilises people in a way that pursuing profits alone never will.

At Colourworks we would use video with great storytelling and visuals to create a moving narrative that showcases your people, purpose and business.

Showing employees the impact they have on the success of your company allows them to understand that they are part of something greater. In fact, “employees who see the direct correlation between their contributions and company performance are more engaged, make better spending decisions and can identify new ways to increase productivity and growth,” Tim Hird, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources.

  1. Make memories

It is crucial that a year-end function is unforgettable. When employees look back it will serve as a positive and inspiring memory in their career and will turn them into brand ambassadors. A good year-end event is also an experience that your employees can bond over, improving work relationships throughout your company.

Everything you do – you should make it matter. This goes for your business, clients and employees alike. A year-end event created by Colourworks readies everyone for the coming year, whilst also showing gratitude for the successes from the previous one. Most of all, it’s a huge investment opportunity for your business.

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