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Every year, you can see Pantone’s Colour of the Year predictions in stores, on runways, in art, branding, fabric, interior and design. It is as if the world turns to its colours for clarity and direction. The Colour of the Year doesn’t only influence industries. It is a one-colour snapshot of the world – a sign of the times. A single colour brings together culture, technology, design, green living and many other influences.

Pantone 15-0343, Greenery has been identified as the 2017 Colour of the Year, as it answers a global call to protect and nurture earth’s dwindling natural resources. The trend echoes across a plethora of industries as 2017 returns to nature – answering the world’s cry for raw emotion, authenticity and organic resources.

Greenery is based on a representation of new beginnings, zesty freshness and environmentalism. It is an international move toward restoration, renewal and a revival of the great outdoors. 

How Greenery will affect the events industry:

  • Look out for events and conferences, themed around global sustainability. You will see greens and natural colours across corporate and private events. 

  • Africa will host more conferences as the world looks to her natural beauty for the perfect backdrop.

  • More living walls at events.

  • For sustainability purposes, growing plants will replace cut flowers for decor.

  • There will be  an increase in water features at events.

  • Stage design will include more raw and recycled wood.

How Greenery will affect the branding industry:

  • More brands feature sustainability projects in their communication. 

  • More brands will use green and natural earthy colours and designs in their identities and campaigns.

  • Brands will  invest in green sponsorships.

  • Businesses will have an increase in campaigns that promote their sustainability and eco footprint.

  • Businesses will create a culture around being green, rallying staff around a common goal.

  • You will see more raw photography in campaigns, magazines. 

How Greenery will affect the printing and production industry:

  • Businesses will use more recycled paper.

  • There will be a movement toward using recyclable gifts for corporate gifting.

  • Businesses will be more aware of their carbon footprint, insisting on locally resourced paper, gifts etc.

You can also look out for:

  • Active wear incorporating itself into lifestyle and casual wear as people become more health conscious. 

  • Nature making its way into the urban household eg. botanic wallpaper, house plants and nature-inspired decor.

  • Raw, rough surfaces in interior trends.

The colour of the year is selected two years in advance, which is why you can see the trends filtering into various industries long before the colour’s reigning year. But how do they make these accurate predictions? 

In a Vogue Living article, the Vice President of Pantone Colour Institute, Laurie Pressman said: “Colour trend forecasting is being able to take a look at what’s happening now, what we see is going to be happening in the future and being able to glom onto those key trends or leading trend indicators to see what the future looks like and what does that mean for colour, because everything impacts colour.”

As consumers look at more responsible decisions, the colour of the year 2017 gives brands and businesses a socially responsible direction that will no doubt last long after its reigning year, because it matters.