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Brands that add the extra to the ordinary through their brand experiences.

Brand experiences matter.

Our personal qualities – our way of speaking, image, values – determine our relationship with others and how they respond to us. This is the experience we offer the world.

Likewise, how a consumer feels when interacting and engaging with a brand determines their overall impression of that brand. This is called a brand experience. In order for any brand to prosper, it’s vital to deliver a consistent brand experience that connects with the consumer at every touchpoint.

Many of today’s brands focus on delivering multisensory experiences to maximise consumer engagement. These take place in physical and digital worlds and can include activations, in-store activities and events, as well as interactions via phones, websites and apps. A great brand experience can cultivate massive loyalty and immortalise the brand in the mind of the consumer.

In this edition of CWDi Insights, we consider brands that deliver truly extraordinary brand experiences.


Stories of a lifetime

The Disney brand experience is one of storytelling. It brings a sense of magic and wonder into family households around the world, through lovable characters and captivating tales of adventure.

Many grow up with Disney’s stories. The timeless narratives have made people laugh, cry, sing and dance – all whilst teaching valuable life lessons.

Disney extends their stories through to their theme parks – Disneyland and Disneyworld. This is where the magic of Disney becomes a real, physical experience.

Through these theme parks, Disney truly connects with their audience. You can explore the magical land of Avatar, witness the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean or join the theatrical Lion King festival.

Watch how Disney characters use sign language to deliver an exceptionally personal experience for their hearing impaired guests.

With such depth to their brand experience, it’s no wonder that Disney continues to connect with today’s children through their wonderful culture of storytelling.


African attitude

When we think Nando’s, we think spicy chicken and spicy ads – quickfire campaigns that deliver unapologetically humorous social commentary, tying into the hottest new offers on the menu.

Not only have Nando’s stayed true to their roots, for their brand experience is an African one but they’ve created a brand language that is tied to everything they do. The heat in their flavour comes exclusively from the African Bird’s Eye chilli, grown in Mozambique. Their headline font was created through the Southern African tradition of sign-writing and their designs are dotted with Southern African influences. They also champion African art by including thousands of works by emerging Southern African artists in their local and international restaurants.

A highlight of the Nando’s brand experience is the lightning-fast reactions to topical news stories. Whether it’s a political scandal or great sporting feat, the hilariously edgy Nando’s ads have ingrained themselves in South African current affairs.

This famous TV commercial is testament to how Nando’s has its finger on the pulse of African culture.

Today, Nando’s delight their international audience with far more than just great chicken. Their signature flavourful kick comes through in both their brand personality, their restaurants and their meals. This is the beauty of the Nando’s brand experience.     


Creating the future

Samsung creates highly interactive, power packed and feature-rich digital products.

Their vision is “Inspire the World, Create the Future.” Aiming not only to innovate and produce the technology that will be used tomorrow, Samsung aspires to make the world better through richer digital experiences.

A place where this all comes together is the revolutionary Samsung 837 store – a flagship outlet with no product on sale. Instead of purchasing the product as a precursor to their Samsung experience, consumers are invited to immerse themselves in a physical space where the brand is brought to life.

The Samsung no-sale store’s consumer brand experience is far more memorable than browsing a regular retail store. You can see the best of the best Samsung innovations in action. Consumers can take a 360 selfie from the inside of a snow globe, or jump into a variety of 4-dimensional VR worlds. You can literally surround yourself with digital media splendour in the Social Galaxy portal.

The 837 experience aligns Samsung with its brand message and vision. The Samsung brand invites people to get on board and join their journey towards a future they help create.

These brands have looked beyond likes, demographics and statistics to really connect with human emotion. From the childhood memories, we create with Disney, the fiery kick of the Nando’s meal, to the world of tomorrow we see through Samsung technology – it’s clear that creating a memorable experience is an essential factor in making a brand truly unforgettable.