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In this edition of Innovation insight, our Marketing Manager, Cara-Ann Potgieter, takes a look at Tommy Hilfiger’s digital showroom to highlight innovation within retail and how merging physical and digital shopping experiences create an opportunity for growth and increased customer engagement.

When it comes to retail, the future is now: digital car showrooms, simulated test drives and virtual shopping experiences. What excites us most about the future of retail is that, at the core of it, are extraordinary customer experiences.

Tommy Hilfiger launched the fashion industry’s first digital showroom in 2015. Located at their global headquarters in Amsterdam, this revolutionary sales experience combines the digital with the physical, offering consumers an all-encompassing shopping experience.

“Our unique digital showroom concept is a juxtaposition of craft and innovation.” – Tommy Hilfiger.

The team took the fashion industry to new frontiers with technologies that allowed them to work faster, better and smarter. They reimagined the traditional sales approach and created a showroom with a digital system that simplified and revolutionised the buying process. At the core of the innovative buying experience, the interactive system collects and optimises information to create a signature personalised shopping experience. They use brand information and customer experience to immerse the customer in the Tommy Hilfiger brand experience.

From start to finish, the Tommy Hilfiger shopping experience is seamless, bespoke and continues to epitomise the luxury that the brand stands for.

From the minute their customers walk into these showrooms, they’re immersed in the Tommy Hilfiger world – their brand heritage and inspiring seasonal trends. Customers can view items on HD screens and get the physical feel through sample materials. With this unique experience, they succeeded in turning a boutique shopping experience into a tailored shopping experience. Customers feel more in control and get a custom experience, which creates more exclusivity.

What makes the showroom extraordinary is that the concept was developed and tailored to Tommy Hilfiger’s core values, making the experience truly brand-central.

“The platform reflects values which are at the heart of our brand DNA: entrepreneurial, inspirational, surprising, inclusive and accessible. We believe this is the sales experience of the future and look forward to working with our retail partners in this exciting new setup.” – Tommy Hilfiger

Today, Tommy Hilfiger has digital showrooms in 13 countries and they are constantly evolving to meet their customer’s needs. They give each customer more control through detailed buying history and tailored product selection. These digital showrooms also improved sustainability, helping cut their sample production by 80%.

Innovation insights

  • When innovating for retail, focus on ways to create a seamless buying experience
  • Tailor your customer experiences to their needs
  • Ensure that customer experiences keep true to your brand and that you maintain brand authenticity
  • Don’t become complacent, constantly evolve your company’s technology and experience to meet your customer’s needs
  • Merge digital and physical experiences to create a unique experience that will truly engage your customer

Tommy Hilfiger turned their vision for the future into a reality. Their innovative thinking put them at the pinnacle of the fashion industry.

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