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Organising a year-end event is a subtle art. When done right, it can have significant benefits for your company. That’s why it’s important to have a strategic approach to the event, planning well in advance to ensure that everything’s in place for the big day.

This is our tried and tested checklist, simplified to help make your event an extraordinary experience.

Cost and proposal:

Formulate your costs first, so you can establish what you can afford. Things to consider include budget for food, drinks, venue and whether spouses and partners are welcome and plan accordingly.


One of the first things you’ll have to decide is the theme for your event. A year-end event theme not only gives your event structure, but is an effective means of generating excitement. Infuse the theme in the décor, entertainment and technical so everything has a golden thread. One of Colourworks’ greatest strengths is conceptualising unique and exciting themes and bringing them to life.

Moodboard and proposal:

Then put together a visual proposal or mood board of each element to showcase the function as a whole. We are known in the industry our detailed proposals and we use them as a blueprint to help us implement our extraordinary events.


Choose a venue that will help bring your theme to life. For example: A Mad Max themed function is suited to an industrial warehouse venue and an Under Water theme would need a venue close to the ocean or an aquarium.


Choosing the right date will determine how many people will RSVP. In our experience, Friday nights work well as they don’t interrupt work and family time too much. To guarantee that you’ll have sufficient time to get ready, we suggest planning six months ahead.

Supplier quotes:

Choose the suppliers that will best service the theme you’ve chosen. These suppliers must include: venue and parking, catering, bar, décor, entertainment, technical, staffing, health and safety. If you need help, we can manage this for you.


After you received client feedback and made any changes, make sure you get a signature for approval and a Purchase Order if required.

Formulate a plan: 

Any successful function starts off with a well thought-out plan. The plan must include a detailed timeline to follow so each element is timeously approved and actioned.

Interesting invites: 

Whether your invitation is physical or digital, make sure that it is creative, extraordinary and speaks to your theme. For bigger functions, the “Save the Date” mail should go out at least eight weeks before the event. The subsequent invitations should be sent out no later than six weeks prior. Colourworks’ creatives love showcasing your theme.

The guest list: 

Make sure that everyone in your office, department or company is invited.

Automated RSVP system:

Avoid the headaches of Excel spreadsheets and email RSVPs. We’ve developed our very own system called Eventworks that takes care of sending, collating and reporting at the touch of a button.

These six principles should guide you in your planning.

6 principles of event Intelligence Infographic

We hope that your event planning will be a breeze now that you have some insight into how we go about organising ours. While there are no guarantees, there is a secret ingredient to making any event a meaningful and extraordinary experience – and that is to make it matter. Ensure this at every touchpoint and stage in your planning process and your event will connect more with your audience.

Happy event planning!

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