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Creative Connections #1 | Designforchange

Curated by CWDi Studio Manager, Sarah Slater

For the past 2 years running, our studio has taken part in an initiative very close to our hearts called 67 Logos Designathon, where 67 designers come together in Joburg and Cape Town to design 67 logos for 67 small businesses, all in one day – Mandela Day.

For many small businesses, owning an expertly designed logo is an ever-elusive goal. This is an initiative with lasting impact which helps entrepreneurs stand out in the South African market. We call it designing for change.

In this edition of Creative Connection – we take a look at some clever campaigns across the globe that have successfully designed for change.

Nando’s – Write my name

Nando’s campaign #RightMyName was started to address a challenge within the organisation where South African names, including Nando’s were highlighted as errors by spellcheck. That annoying little red line…

In collaboration with their agency, M&C Saatchi Abel, #rightmyname was taken to the public, for all South Africans, the Jabulani’s, the Tshegofatso’s, the Verashni’s and the Hannes’s to add their name to a database which can be downloaded and added to your computers dictionary, removing the spellcheck red line and ensuring that no one is made to feel like a mistake again.

Visit rightmyname.co.za, submit your name to the list, see how to download the list, and let’s get rid of the red line today.

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Agency: M&C Saatchi Abel

ANGFA – Washable Book

In a quest to combat the spreading of infectious diseases in developing countries, and to teach children the importance of hand washing, ANGFA Japan developed an awe inspiring solution.

They developed a story book that only reveals the colourful future of the characters once washed with soap, encouraging children to wash their hands and see the benefits of doing so. The books can be hung up to dry and reused without the use of batteries.

We think it’s genius – watch for more:

Dance for the sea

In a bid to highlight the disastrous pollution of the world’s oceans and waterways by plastic, Royal Ballet soloist and artist Fernando Montaño immerses himself under water and surrounded by plastic.

Underwater photographer, Robin Conway captures the dramatic contrast of the beautiful dance moves juxtaposed with the harsh reality of plastic consuming our oceans.

Read more about it here:

Lacoste replaces logo for Biological Diversity Day

Premium clothing brand, Lacoste, well known for their iconic crocodile logo, has successfully raised awareness for International Day for Biological Diversity (22 May) by replacing the crocodile icon with 10 of the worlds most endangered species.

These limited edition polo shirts were sold across the globe and all profits went to the IUCN’s Save The Species program.

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Nivea Sunslide

We all know how much kids love playing outside, in the sun and especially in water. But we also know how much they hate applying sun screen.

Nivea’s solution to this? A slide designed to protect kids from the sun by applying sunscreen in an entertaining way.

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Agency: FCB Cape Town

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