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5 reasons why brainstorming is extraordinary

The CWDi team have just received an exciting brief. The team assigned to the task want to maximise their idea generation, and they decide to ask a few more extraordinary minds to join them in their quest for a big idea. They set up a meeting to share thoughts and insights. Pens and notepads are out, phones are put away – a brainstorm is about to happen!

If you’re in need of a great idea, a solution or if you want to get your team to think differently, it calls for a brainstorm. Brainstorms are integral to our culture at CWDi and we often use it to get our team into group flow.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love a good brainstorm.

1. Collaboration

Anyone and everyone.

A brainstorm brings people from all levels of management and across departments, together. With a diverse team, you’re more likely to strike gold with a big idea – whether it’s from the CEO or an intern.

2. Convenience

Book them and they will come.

It’s ridiculously easy to brainstorm. You don’t need cutting-edge technology or certain individuals with authority. All it takes is enough people who are willing to get together, listen, think and speak up.

3. Better Ideas

Great ideas come from.

There is no limit to how many ideas you can generate in your brainstorm. Getting the obvious ideas out of the way first, allows you to dig deeper and explore new perspectives.

4. Critical Thinking

Deeper thinking, deeper understanding.

Critical thinking is an unbiased, logical approach to a problem, topic or situation. By brainstorming more often, you hone your problem solving skills and become better at critical thinking. Brainstorming also helps you to break the topic down into smaller, digestible segments – a hallmark of critical thinking. This means that at the end of your session, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of what direction to take, or what to explore next.

5. Recognition

Opportunity knocks.

A brainstorm provides a platform for your ideas to shine. Coming up with a big idea is not only a rewarding feeling, it’s a great way to make your mark and be get recognised by colleagues for your abilities.

There are many benefits to brainstorming, but we think our top 5 have covered all the aspects that make them extraordinary to any business. Whether you want to increase collaboration, think more critically about a brief or generate more ideas, brainstorming is a powerful tool that’s there for all of us to use.