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Women’s Day is a special day to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women. It’s a day where we showcase the courage and strength with which women have overcome tremendous obstacles, barriers and issues throughout history.

We looked at 9 recent global marketing campaigns containing powerful messages about women, and how this messaging promotes and drives positive change in society today.

1. Always – #LikeAGirl


The Always #LikeAGirl campaign redefines the derogatory meaning of “like a girl” and repositions it into a position of strength and courage.

2. Under Armour – I will what I want



Under Armour set out to highlight the immense willpower of women who stop at nothing to achieve their dreams and goals.

3. United Colours of Benetton – United by Half


There is no gender greater than the other – The United by Half campaign sets to remind us that women are the equal half.

5. Dove – Real Beauty


The Real Beauty campaign highlights the critical perception of how women see themselves compared with that of how others see them.

6. Microsoft – #MakeWhatsNext: Change the odds


The Microsoft #MakeWhatsNext campaign shows young girls’ reactions to the extremely low number of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) arena.

7. Women’s Aid – Look At Me


The Women’s Aid Look At Me campaign speaks directly to the viewer in a powerful campaign to drive home the message that domestic violence against women is not taboo, and when we acknowledge that it is a reality, together we can end it.

8. UN Women – #AutocompleteTruth


What are the most searched terms in the world? The UN Women #AutoCompleteTruth campaign shows the auto-fill functionality on the most used search engine in the world, still positions women in society as the lesser equal.

9. Sport England – This Girl Can


The Sport England This Girl Can campaign encourages women to beat barriers because of fear of judgment to empower and encourage exercise.