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48 Curate – Issue 04

Welcome to the fourth edition of 48 Curate. This time, CWDi’ Studio Manager, Sarah Slater taps into the various ways people choose to embrace their creativity. Being a part-time sewer, baker and piano player (beginner) herself – she understands the need for a creative escape now and then. So let’s see what people across the globe are up to.

Writing & Illustration / Literary witches

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems fitting to highlight the masterpiece that is “Literary Witches” – a collaboration between writer Taisia Kitaiskaia and illustrator Katy Horan.

Katy explains “Literary Witches came from the idea that to write or create art is to conjure, so it follows that female writers are witches wielding their particular brand of magick.”

Literary witches

Food Styling / Toast art

Earlier this year, Japanese food artist Eiko Mori developed a love for creating miniature works of art on toast. The tools she uses to craft her morning meal masterpieces – a spoon, a toothpick and a small parchment piping bag – can be found in virtually any kitchen. Her toast, made from Japanese-style milk bread called shoku-pan, is slightly harder to come by.

Japanese Toast Art

Architecture / Next level container home

Whitaker Studio, UK based Architecture firm, has taken shipping container architecture to the next level by creating a blooming desert flower from the rocky Joshua Tree site. The construction of this beautiful 200m² home is set to begin in 2018. The project is commissioned by an LA based film producer who owns the land,

Joshua tree residence

Art / Painting a village

Anezka Kasparkova, a 90 year old former agricultural worker, spends every spring and summer painting the windows and door frames of her village in Louka, Czech Republic. Using vibrant blue paint and a small brush, she creates intricate floral patterns inspired by traditional Moravian (Southern Czech) artwork.

painting a village

Photography / Challenge accepted

UK based Photographer, Denyer, set himself a 2 hour challenge to remove a pesky crane from an otherwise beautiful shot of a sugar factory. Most retouchers would cringe at a request like this – but when this is your passion, the challenge is easy. The results, as you’ll see, are flawless.