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48 Curate – Issue 03

In the third edition of 48 Curate, CWDi Copywriter Ameer Saban shares some highlights from the world of creativity and design. This time, we focus on today’s innovations that are giving us a glimpse into tomorrow’s world.

Technology / 8K viewing? Already?!

The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K display is the first widely available 8K monitor. It is set to revolutionise viewing, and is perfect for gaming, graphic design, cinematography – and convincing people you’re a time traveller from the future.

Creators: Dell

Products / Is food the new anti-depressant?

Attention all passengers: there is now a saviour to rid you of air sickness. JWT Intelligence have created Mood Food – delectable confectionaries designed to look great, taste great and most importantly, make you FEEL great – which is especially handy on those long flights.

Agency: JWT

Typography / Is this font the new pie chart?

Words often fail to capture the scale, reality or sheer craziness of statistical data (at least 72.94% of the time, I find). But a London design studio created AtF Spark; a font that turns data into compelling graphics that get the message across much more dynamically.

Creators:  After the Flood studio

Lifestyle / You and your technology need to talk

Voice activated gadgets and software are everywhere, and developing at a most rapid rate. With everyday tech like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa taking over, it seems the future will be a place where your word is technology’s command.

Gadgets / iPhone X – the wireless wonder

The latest devices are advancing at light speed by doing away with longstanding technology. The new iPhone X is particularly forward-thinking and streamlined. Headphones and chargers are now wireless and the home button is gone completely. Apple has also removed the Touch ID fingerprint scan from the iPhone X and replaced it with revolutionary face recognition technology.

Creators: Apple

Innovation / Ford and Microsoft make a spectacle

Will we still have to actually build prototypes in the future? Ford doesn’t think so. Using Microsoft’s HoloLens 3D goggles, they are able to assess a life-sized virtual model of each car with the new parts and design elements in place. This cuts down on production and development time, and improves the quality of each model they produce.

Creator: Microsoft | Innovator: Ford Motors

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