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48 Curate – Issue 02

Welcome to the second issue of 48 Curate, put together by Colourworks Creative Director, Pippa Hudson. In this issue we look at how brands are courageously pushing the limits of creativity and technology to create unique and personalised experiences.

Activations / Pop up shop on a cliff

To promote their technical climbing gear, 37.5 set up a pop up shop 300 feet up a sheer cliff. The shop was manned by a professional climber who gave away hoodies to climbers ascending the Bastille in El Dorado Canyon in Colorado where temperatures can fluctuate greatly from the base to the summit.

Agency: Work in Progress

Campaigns / Kiwi portraits completed

A delightfully playful campaign for the shoe polish brand that completes the bottom half of famous paintings to reveal the subjects’ shoes. Humorous audio tour complemented the art exhibition and provided viewers with real art history whilst weaving the brand into its narrative.

Agency: Ogilvy Chicago

Innovation & Technology / Interactive storytelling

TV just got highly personalised – Netflix is experimenting with shows, like Puss in Books, where the viewer can control the outcome of the story and emotionally responsive films are being developed that can sense how the viewer is feeling and alter the story accordingly.

Product / Moleskine smart writing set

Do you love writing in your note pad but wish all your doodles could somehow be magically digitised? It’s now possible with a Moleskine Paper Tablet, Pen+ and companion app.

Outdoor advertising / Refugee nation

In 2016 for the first time ever, a refugee team competed in the Olympics to help raise awareness of the 65 million displaced people worldwide. The anthem united the team. Their flag’s orange and black design was inspired by the life-vests many wear on their journey to find safety.

Agency: Ogilvy New York

Typography / Gilbert

Gilbert Baker, the LGBTQ activist and artist who created the rainbow flag, passed away this year. To honour his memory, a colourfully animated and free typeface was created. Get it here.

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