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We share some great ways to take your next event to the next level.

Our rapidly advancing world presents many great opportunities to ensure every event is extraordinary. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to make your event extraordinary.

1. Multisensory experiences

Engage all five senses through a fully immersive experience that takes your audience on a journey. This is how the fascinating Sublimotion restaurant does it: http://www.sublimotionibiza.com/#!the-experience

2. Podcasting on the rise

Build anticipation before your event and help people to discover content through podcasting. Utilise your speakers’ already existing content to increase ticket sales and excitement about your event. If you have a recurring event, repurpose and share content to promote your next one.

3. Collective content curation

Engage your audience through social channels before your event and use the feedback to shape the agenda and select speakers. At the event, you can enhance audience and speaker engagement using something like Glisser which utilises an advanced Q&A system while the talk progresses. It also makes presentations instantly interactive and shareable.

4. Digital networking

Poken digital business cards make networking quick, simple and much more effective. It’s a device that attaches to a lanyard or keychain and uses near-field communication. By simply tapping two Poken devices together, it digitally transfers contact information, social network profiles, documents, videos, and websites. After the event, you can access the information via USB and sync it to other devices using the Poken app.

5. Smartphone microphones

Engage your audience with ease with an App that turns Smartphones into Microphones. This unique alternative to a traditional microphone connects audience members’ smartphones to the room’s sound system.

6. Ignite Talks

Ignite Talks has a fast and engaging format that keeps the presentations focused. They are short talks, focused on a specific idea or passion. At Stream events, 15 slides rotate automatically after every 15 seconds, and at Pecha Kucha events, 24 slides rotate every 24 seconds.

7. Fireside Chats

This is a method of hosting an event that simulates sitting around a campfire, sharing stories. Set in a casual environment, these talks engage your audience in a more intimate way. The facilitator introduces a topic and then drives the discussion but not the content itself. The content is created through a conversational discussion, promoting peer-to-peer learning and opportunity for delegates to build new connections.

8. Head up tech

Today’s events lean towards digital engagement, but getting people to look up from their smartphone screens can be challenging. More technology at events now encourage “looking up” from your device, including large-scale interactive games that use smartphones as controllers.

9. Niche audiences

Smaller audiences are more intimate. Give your audience an exclusive yet inclusive experience by keeping it small. Alternatively, host sub-events or tracks, focused on select attendees at your event.

10. Merge physical and digital

Panel discussions can become more engaging and interactive by involving your audience early, ideally within the first five minutes. Slido can help you crowd-source audience questions throughout panel discussions.